Welcome To The Wilson Barn

In Livonia, Michigan!

29350 West Chicago


The Wilson Barn, a premier dairy industry leader in its era, was built in southeast

Livonia, Michigan, in 1919 (on its original 1888 foundation). Cows, dairy processing,

and dairy products were the Wilson family’s daily mission in serving yesteryears’

families! Today the Wilson Barn is a national historic site to be treasured!

The Wilson Barn’s stewards are The Friends of the Barn whose members provide the public with multi-cultural experiences from May through October. The Barn is situated on the grounds of a City of Livonia Park. WELCOME! Come and enjoy our seasonal schedule of family enriched programming. Welcome to your Wilson Barn web site! Go ahead, browse away! Learn much and enjoy! See you at the Barn!

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The Wilson Barn - A Hidden Gem In The City of Livonia, Michigan!